Freedom is…the air we cannot do without, that we breathe without even noticing it until the time comes when, deprived of it, we feel that we are dying.

What is more, freedom is an essential, not optional condition for a prosperous society. We need freedom to generate the wealth that supports human life, we need freedom to unleash the creativity that moves civilization forward and we need freedom to promote the voluntary social cooperation that keeps a society peaceful and prosperous.

We are an independent project that have no political color or any other association. We developed and operate the social network YAGREK™. Our social network is created with users in mind and their freedom of expression and free speech. We work every day to be worthy of our users’ trust as we value each individual and understand the importance of the ability to express yourself and share your visions, ideas and passion without censorship.

In a world over-run with fakes, deep fakes, trolls, bots and social platforms unfriendly policies, we commit to real people and their creativity, transparency and meaningful connections. Because we live in the world that we create, our aim is to create a community that represent a better world.

Some say that we are those dreamers who trying to create a balanced community based on values. But at the end of the day, the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.

We do believe in freedom but at the same time, freedom comes with responsibility. This is why we do not tolerate hate, violence, trolling, extremism, terrorism and propaganda of prostitution, pedophilia, narcotic substances etc. We do believe in creativity, great ideas and to everything that make humans great.


We respect privacy of each user thus we build our business model based on providing services, where our users are our direct customers. We do not have algorithms that collect and analyze our user’s data, in order to sell it to third parties. In other words, we do not offer “free cheese” in order to sell our users data and profit from it.

We believe that every one should have a chance to access and use the technology of social networking without their personal life online being collected, exposed, tracked and sold.

Our motivation

Over the years we have done many things that we are proud of. This motivates us to continue looking for new challenges in order to improve our product and services based on our values.

For best experience and understanding please see our community guideline