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Control shortened urls you create with many different options, including multiple redirect types, custom alias, device and geotiargeting, expiration rate, passwords and more!

Link statistics

Link reports allow you to see vast variety of information about the link including date and count of the clicks, countries, referrers, devices, browsers and quite more.

Why use Yalink for your daily activities

Every one must have come to the issue of long urls at the websites or blogs and sharing long urls is not always the best way. Yalink not only solves that problem but also giving the best tools for marking, privacy and analytics for individual links and link groups, including geo and device information, referrers, browser, ip and more.

Sharing url for marking is now more effective

This way you can see performance of your blog or marking url, which you share of different online and social platforms, to have better understanding how to improve your website visibility or marketing campaign.

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